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All Girls Programme

Young girls and women have been denied access to Kattaikkuttu training and performances, because local society believes they should not, or cannot, perform in this physically demanding, ritual theatre. Kattaikkuttu has been the prerogative of men (only).

To perform on a public stage is taboo for a respectable girl. Working closely together with boys/men may easily be misinterpreted and taint her reputation. Parents are worried that this might affect the chance to find a respectable husband for their daughter.

Therefore, when a girl decides to become a professional actress or musician, she needs every possible support.

The setting up of the All Girls Programme was motivated by witnessing the difficulties that rural girls face to become professional performers. Reaching puberty or passing out of the Gurukulam can be particularly vulnerable moments in their lives.

The All Girls Programme of the Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam-

  • Pays special attention to the social hurdles and artistic needs of the girl students
  • Empowers girls and women to voice their opinions and artistic ideas on the stage
  • Allows them to take equal part in a previously male-dominated profession
  • Enables them to pursue their wish of creating a sustainable and dignified artistic career.



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