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Since 2011 the Gurukulam offers selected graduates a learning-cum-work trajectory with the Gurukulam. This trajectory enables the apprentices to acquire teaching, planning and management skills and prepares them to take over responsibilities, and, eventually, leadership positions within the organisation.

The apprentices are also active performing members of the Kattaikkuttu Young Professionals Company and the All Girls Company.


The school provides wholesome care to all students. This includes attention for a balanced diet, medical and dental care. Students with behavioural and emotions problems have access to an independent counsellor. All students receive sexual education.

When they join the school almost all children are underweight – girls more so than boys. For those children who have lost one or both parents the Gurukulam functions as a substitute family. It provides a nourishing environment where students live together with their teachers and caregivers.

In July 2010 and June 2011 two new groups of students were admitted to the school. With the arrival of these fourteen girls and twenty-two boys between 6 and 13 years old, we were introduced to thirty-six young, often already complex, lives.

Just two months at the Gurukulam one of the students was confronted with the suicide of her father. Others are faced with substance abuse (usually be fathers), domestic violence and poverty. When it rains little Jegan is worried that the hut where his Mum and little brother live will start leaking....


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