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All-round Kattaikkuttu training is complemented by artistic workshops, which take place throughout the school year. These workshops -

  • Introduce students to other ways of making theatre and other movement and visual vocabularies
  • Help them to get used to other teaching methodologies and ways of looking at the arts
  • Round out their physical training and awareness of the body
  • Help them acquire new artistic skills they can apply to their own Kattaikkuttu performances
  • Help them develop a sense of aesthetics and instil curiosity.

The workshops are taught by Indian and international guest teachers who are specialists in a particular field. Workshops have focused on dance, music & voice training, acting, comedy, photography, storytelling, drawing & painting, puppetry, light design, making of theatre ornaments and tailoring.

Workshop Proposals

We welcome proposals of enthusiastic professionals who would like to teach a workshop at the school. Most of our international guest-teachers are professionals in their own field and have worked on a voluntary basis. The school has paid for their food and accommodation and the materials used in the workshops.

Storytelling in English

Craig Jenkins worked with the students of the school exposing them to an English sound scape and stimulating them to understand and emote what they say in English. Together with the then junior students Craig developed in 2010 an English version of P. Rajagopal's children's play "The Magic Horse". In 2011 he led again a workshop, which resulted in two beautiful Ramayana storytelling productions.



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