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During their training students learn to play both in overnight (8 hours) shows and in shorter productions which cater to non-traditional, mostly urban audiences. In addition to traditional plays, the Gurukulam has built a repertoire of modern plays and plays for children. Each year new plays are being added to the repertoire.

Parkadal (Milky Ocean) (2002)

Rajagopal wrote "Parkadal" in 2002:

"I wanted to emphasize that too much of desire and ambition will lead to destruction - of ourselves and of the earth we live on. The same theme occurs in the Mahabharata stories we perform in Kattaikkuttu. But because these stories are labelled traditional, some people believe they are no longer relevant today. They ask me: 'Why can't you do something modern, i.e. relevant?'"
"This play is based on an old creation myth. Through it I have consciously tried to make a connection between the primordial and the present. For the 2006 production we used a combination of two media: Kattaikkuttu and video projection. I see each of them as contemporary in their own right. Kattaikkuttu is based on the transmission from person to person and uses live performers. On the other hand, the video footage, which was made by Sue Rees, uses technology and the inspiration of its live operators. As collaborators in this production we wanted to emphasize perhaps that, in spite of "modernity", the universal themes of peace, identity, responsibility, sharing and compassion that enable life, have not really changed."

Vituttal (Deliverance) (2007)

Deliverance is Rajagopal's adaptation of "Bisarjan", one of Rabindranath Tagore's early plays for the Tamil stage. The play highlights the idea of vituttal (or bisarjan) - "release", "deliverance" or "letting go". The idea of deliverance or letting go of something or somebody determines the principal dramatic action. It also addresses other themes raised by Tagore, such as the clash between state and religion and between worldly and spiritual power. The play premiered in Kolkata at the Rabindra Utsav 2007 and was subsequently performed in Santiniketan, Chennai and Sevilimedu village.



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