The parents of the Kattaikkuttu Kids are very poor. Some of them have special difficulties, as the result of illness and/or handicaps. None of them can pay for the kind of all-round training and care the students get at the School.

Money is needed. To keep a child at the School costs Euro 1000 per year. The major costs are the salaries of the teachers and food. Additional costs are: school books, medical and dental care, uniforms, mats and bed sheets, personal hygiene (soap, tooth paste, etc.). Then there are production expenses of new plays (including costumes and props) and workshop expenses.

Hanne M. de Bruin raises money for the School, in India and abroad. She comes from the Netherlands and motivates schools in her home country to organise fund-raising events to support the Kattaikkuttu Kids. And she mobilised family and friends to give. But that is not enough.

If you would like to adopt a Kattaikkuttu Kid financially, please make a donation to the School. It costs about 1000 euro to support one kid for one year. And 5 euro a month to pay for theatre classes for one child. Maybe you have an idea to get money for this project, please contact Hanne at If you live in The Netherlands, you can contact

The School can accommodate motivated (foreign) volunteers. They can offer their artistic and/or educational skills and time to teach or look after the children for a period of four to six months. In return the School will provide accommodation and food and the experience of working with a lively group of young people. If you are interested in volunteering at the School, please contact the Sangam at We can also put you in touch with Bregje, Vera, Esmee, Marja, Evelien, Julia, Celia and Maitri, people who have volunteered at the School, so that you can get to know about their experiences.