When Hanne and Rajagopal proposed the plan for a Kattaikkuttu School, they planned and designed the training and education of the students for a period of four years. In March 2006 the first batch of students would have graduated.

This means that the graduates can sing, dance and act in a traditional all-night and in new Kattaikkuttu plays. They can play an instrument and know how to apply the complex Kattaikkuttu make-up. They can make some of the costumes and read, write and speak in Tamil and English. They have a basic foundation and can participate in a professional theatre company, but their training as an all-round performer is not rounded off. Remember that Rajagopal trained for fifteen years before he became a leading actor!

The school developed a 14 + program. The graduate students can join the adult Kattaikkuttu-company and have regular performances. During the 'off-season of Kattaikkuttu' the school will provide special educational training for them. The younger students and most of the girls will be taught in the second phase of the Kattaikkuttu School. In August 2006 a new batch of 16 new students started at the school

Their own company
The students of the School dream of having their own Kattaikkuttu company together with their class-mates. They will perform in villages, but also in the city. In this company there will be boys and girls. They will become the teachers for the next generation of actors and performers.

The students know that is difficult to make money from Kattaikkuttu. In the rainy season there are hardly any performances. Therefore, Kattaikkuttu actors need side jobs to survive these difficult periods. A girls-only Company that performs at weddings could be a good side job. Some of the boys have ideas too: one wants to become a painter, another on wants to make kattai ornaments, two want to become electricians and then stage - light designers. And altogether they are thinking of starting a childrens' restaurant at the new Performing Arts Centre at Punjai. For all these different jobs they have to learn a lot of new skills. In the follow-up program of the School, the possibilities to study these side jobs will be explored.