As a member of the YPPT Youth Council I was also at the GET IN... international forum and Contacting The World. The real highlight of the 2 events for me were the performances and workshops by the Kattaikkuttu girls and Rajagopal. 'Dice and Disrobing' was so beautiful, informative and humorous and it was a great experience to read the English translation.
I would love to be able to come to India and volunteer with you as the company seems so vibrant. In fact I might email you very soon!!
Beckz Smith

I got home late last night from Get In...! in Liverpool and I just wanted to thank the 6 visitors we had from Kattaikkuttu for coming to Get In...! and creating such a fantastic atmosphere and feeling at the event. You're an absolutely lovely group of people and we were so privileged to have you with us in the UK. I hope your journey back to India goes really well and that one day I'll be able to come out and see you but I know that, unfortunately, it won't be for at least a year! Thank you again though, the girls did an amazing performance at the cabaret night and I regret that that's the only chance I got to see you perform as I had to be at work this week so couldn't stay on for Contacting the World!
Newcastle, UK

Hi everybody. A message to the most wonderfull children I know! I think of you all the time and am so proud to read you performed a play in English. Fantastic! I am sure you all did great.
I miss you!
Bregje Miss (Bregje van de Ven)

all the very best for your 1st march programe
prakriti bhaskar, mumbai india

Enjoyed visiting the site.