The School
14+ Programme
Kattaikkuttu Kalai Kudam, Performing Arts Centre
The school is part of the Performing Arts Centre in Punjarastakal(Punjai for short)just outside Kancheepuram. The Centre has a large open-air stage, and three spacy classrooms, where the students can also sleep. There is a little library with computers and books and inside and out-door rehearsal spaces for music, theatre and workshops.

The new Performing Arts Centre is a place where theatre makers from India and abroad can meet each other. That is important. In Tamil Nadu there are several styles of Kattaikkuttu. Actors like to discuss the way other groups play. But it is also very interesting for them and for people from Punjai and neighbouring villages to see theatre, dance or puppetry from abroad.

The centre hopes to create a platform where artists from different fields and regions can meet and develop new repertoire. It provides an office where things get arranged for Kattaikkuttu artists. The Sangam is organized in this office.

The Sangam
The Kattaikkuttu teachers at the School are all members of the Kattaikkuttu Sangam. The Sangam is a union of Kattaikkuttu actors and musicians ( The Sangam has its own Company. That's where many of the students will find work in the future.

The Sangam is a grassroots level association that promotes Kattaikkuttu as a theatre form in its own right and that serves the interests of professional Kattaikkuttu actors, actresses and musicians.

"Professional" in this instance means that a performer is dependent on the theatre for his or her livelihood.

The organisation is run for and by local exponents of Kattaikkuttu. It provides a framework within which professional actors, actresses and musicians can come together, participate in artistic activities and training, teach, develop new artistic ideas and discuss professional needs and expectations.