Academic Programs

Thinking about Kattaikkuttu’s Embodied Knowledge

soft skills workshop students

We conceptualize tailor-made programs and workshops for visiting university students and research students. Combining their academic training and in-depth performance knowledge, Hanne M. de Bruin and P. Rajagopal jointly introduce participants to specific aspects of Kattaikkuttu. Depending on their field of interest, such programs have looked at the history of Kattaikkuttu and other rural performance forms, the structure of a Kattaikkuttu performances, their multi-media character, knowledge production, oral transmission and Kattaikkuttu’s transformative power. In addition to discussions about theatre and performance and the opportunity to speak to experts and experience Kattaikkuttu life and within its own environment, such programs or workshops can include a performance component where participants can bring aspects of what they have learned into practice. So far these tailor-made academic programs and workshops have been extremely exciting events of great diversity:

  • A three-days Arts Experience Workshop offering international, professional Expressive Arts Therapists led by USA-based licensed psychologist, expressive arts therapist and international educator, Dr. Kate Donohue, a glimpse into the soul of Kattaikkuttu (2015).

  • A one-day workshop for students of the South Asia Center of Pennsylvania University (USA) under the guidance of Professor Davesh Soneji looking into the recent history of Kattaikkuttu and its connections to the rural Devadasi tradition (2017).

  • An eight-day exposure workshop for students of Flame University in Pune led by Prof. Kedar Kulkarni and Prof. Lily Kelting during which they acquired hands-on experience about all aspects of the Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam (2018).