Commission your own Visit or performance

Our tailor-made Visitors Program allows you to decide on what you want to experience

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Our Visitors Program offers you an opportunity to witness the Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam “at work”. We are immensely proud to introduce you to our students. They are eager to show their talents as young Kattaikkuttu performers in the form of a (make-up) demonstration or a fully-fledged performance and to introduce you to their daily lives at the school.

Your visit can be customized depending on your specific interests.  A typical program includes the following elements:

  • traditional Indian welcome with flowers, rose water, sandal paste and karkandu (sugar candy)

  • introduction to Kattaikkuttu and its make-up rituals by Hanne Bruin

  • live Kattaikkuttu demonstration

  • guided tour of the school, the garden and the facilities

  • opportunity to speak directly to the students and the staff and find out about their experiences, background and future plans.

  • (optional) join the students for a traditional, vegetarian South Indian lunch prepared at the school.

The proceeds of the Visitors Program go to the Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam. By being our guest and commissioning a Visitors Program or a tailor-made performance you support the artistic, educational and care programs of the school. A typical visit as part of a touristic program requires about 2 to 3 hours to allow guests to relish the program and the ambiance. Guests often feel reluctant to leave.

The Visitors Program is uniquely fit for travel organizations catering to guests interested in India’s rich performance culture, education and social reality. Through this Program you allow your customers a unique, immersive experience into a part of Indian culture and life that is real and non-touristic and that usually remains out of bounds. We cater to individual guests and groups and have worked with international travel experts, such as Peirce & Leslie and Studiosus, as well as with a number of Indian travel organizations.