Corporate Workshops

Soft Skills for the Industry

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Our workshops for corporates use Kattaikkuttu as an experiential medium to explore emotional skills and apply them to day-to-day work and life situations. These workshops help you better understand your own role and the role of others in a team. They often use characters from Kattaikkuttu’s Mahabharata repertoire to allow you to imagine complex situations in which you may be torn between different loyalties, your own desire and empathy for the other.

The workshops challenge you to discard the barriers that prevent you from solving problems on the work floor. They help you discover whether your desired role and what you do in actual practice are in harmony. They encourage gender sensitivity and provide you with skills to understand and solve interpersonal problems and dilemmas in respectful and non-violent ways.


What corporate members have said about these workshops—

HR Managers of Orchid Pharma, Chennai:

“… Awesome experience. I learned to go beyond my conventional skills, to stretch myself and discover new talents. I realized the importance of coaching…”

“Excellent workshop. Fantastic ambience and great hospitality.”

“Something unimaginable … Opens your mind, tests your patience; perfection: try it again and again until you get it…”


Ramesh Sundaram, Operations Manager Local Statutory Rep, Shell Business Service Centre, Chennai, about a series of 10 workshops run for Shell in India:

 “Dear Hanne and Rajagopal,

We are pleased to share that our 2014 SPS survey results on “freedom to speak your mind” has seen a remarkable improvement and is currently one of the best in our function (~91% vis-à-vis ~55% when the journey started).

I would think our journey on self-introspection and looking beyond the individual self to “one-team” started with the workshop at your school and the positivity and energy has continued to gain traction over the last two years, the outcome of all this hard work has reflected in our results.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank both of you and your team for all the support you had provided in our journey (right from the welcoming, to the warmth and of course training us to “act”- this would have been the most difficult part and hope our association continues in time to come.

Thanks once again.”