embodied knowledge

Immersive experiences in theatre, epos, and ritual


Kattaikkuttu represents a unique body of pragmatic knowledge and an experiential, sensorial and cognitive form of “doing” and “knowing”. This knowledge is tacit; it cannot be found in text books and is deeply and intricately interwoven with the cultural context in which Kattaikkuttu is embedded.

As a seasoned actor from a family of traditional Kattaikkuttu performers, Rajagopal is one of the repositories of this multi-facetted, sensorial knowledge—

  • knowledge that is created in and transmitted through performance;

  • knowledge that may be intimately linked to ritual practices, which are integral to all-night performances; and

  • knowledge that can be learned only through personal experience and an immersive practice.

We offer people the opportunity to explore Kattaikkuttu’s different knowledge worlds. Here you can familiarize yourself with the steps required to “be(come) a character”, starting with a puja and the transformative make-up process, which are followed by a character’s stage entry behind a curtain and, finally, the ultimate transition from self into role.

Or you can experience Kattaikkuttu’s energy generated by the theatre’s unique music and movement accompanied by rituals, which require to be channeled properly for the benefit of the wider community.

Such immersive experiences can be extended by visiting rural temples that, for local people, often are sources of energy and healing.