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The KATTAIKKUTTU SANGAM is a not-for-profit association of professional Kattaikkuttu performers. Founded in 1990 by Kattaikkuttu actor, director, teacher and playwright P. Rajagopal together with theatre scholar Hanne M. de Bruin and fifteen Kattaikkuttu actors and musicians, this grassroots initiative unites performers across styles and regions.


“Our vision is to realize Kattaikkuttu’s full potential as a carrier of traditional artistic knowledge and skills and a contemporary theater that is attuned to the cultural and economic demands of today’s society. As a democratically representative body, the Sangam works towards maintaining and developing Kattaikkuttu as a respected art form of exceptional quality and craftsmanship and a sustainable profession for its performers.

We foster Kattaikkuttu as an intangible part of Tamil oral heritage and rural identity. By ensuring that Kattaikkuttu’s knowledge and know-how is transmitted to a next generation of young and talented performers, we make sure that this theatre will be available to future audiences.”