South Indian Cooking

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Love the sambar, rasam or sweet paiyasam?

Learn how to cook typical South Indian vegetarian dishes with the Gurukulam’s Master cook (who is also the school’s principal), Mrs. S. Sundaralakshmi. We intend to use increasingly fresh produce from our own organic garden.

Cooking is a part of the curriculum of the students of the Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam. It is an activity that involves all the subjects taught in the formal education curriculum - science (the chemistry of cooking, nutritional values, what can one eat raw and what needs to be cooked?), math (weighing the vegetables, determining quantities), cooking from an English recipe and Tamil culinary culture.

On request we organize special courses for people who would like to join Sundaralakshmi Miss and our kitchen staff in our outdoor kitchen where we cook on firewood.