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Kuttu Kalai Kudam

The Kuttu Kalai Kudam is our Centre for Performing Arts. Based on ideas of Rajagopal and Hanne as to what Kattaikkuttu needed to be accepted as a dignified theatre form and what a residential theatre school would require, Mumbai-based architect Himansu Burte designed the Center.

The construction of the Kuttu Kalai Kudam was made possible because of the generosity of multiple local and international donors, including the Netherlands Embassy, Hivos and International Flavors and Fragrances, Chennai. The building was inaugurated in 2006 by the then Netherlands Ambassador to India,Eric F. Ch. Niehe.

The Kuttu Kalai Kudam is home to the Kattaikkuttu Sangam's administrative office and the Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam. Its central, indoor auditorium and the open-air stage provide physical spaces for teaching and performances. There are several other, additional spaces and a spacious kitchen that can be used for rehearsals, training and cooking classes.

The location of the Kuttu Kalai Kudam in Punjarasantankal Village and not far from Kanchipuram Town ensure that rural people have access to their own cultural expressions and performance practices — as visitors, spectators and practitioners.

Surrounded by lush gardens and trees, this experimental arts center offers an inspiring environment where artists of different backgrounds can practice and meet. Connecting the traditional and the contemporary, the Kuttu Kalai Kudam offers opportunities and spaces for artistic experiments, collaborations and performances.

You can rent our rooms and spaces to host an immersive stay or to develop your own work. The Kuttu Kalai Kudam has basic facilities for stage lights, props and a costume-cum-tailoring section where we also repair the theatre’s wooden kattai ornaments.


Guest house

Our guest house was designed by Beat Ferrario and Lisa Pareira, a Swiss-Indian architect couple. It offers basic 4 double rooms and a dormitory accommodating 5-6 people. Another 3 double rooms are available on site. All rooms are simple, clean and give access to a large terrace overseeing the campus.



There are no restaurants in the neighborhood. The nearest places to eat are in Kanchipuram Town. Guests are welcome to share eat at the Kuttu Kalai Kudam, which means that they will eat the same food as our students and staff. It’s may be a wonderful experience to sit on your mat and talk with your neighbor.


The Kuttu Kalai Kudam has Internet connectivity which can be used by guests free of charge. However, our rooms do not have Internet connectivity or TV.